Monday, November 27, 2006

new car

I finally broke down, after months of having problems with my sister's Pathfinder that I was driving, and bought a "new" car. It's so pretty, dark green. It's a VW Jetta GLS Wagon. I feel rich. I guess really I am, but I will still have to budget like crazy to make this car work. I need to anyway. I am realizing how little I do budget, and how much I need to. I buy things that I don't need. Boy do I love eating out at Guadalupe. I want to keep doing this, but now I know that this will not be possible. I'll have to eat tuna in my new Jetta, and not Albacore.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Sudan is making some headway with a meeting in Addis Ababa (love the name of this city), Ethiopia trying to get help from the UN for the Darfur region. I had some students in Denver who were from Sudan. I know for sure one was in the Dinka tribe, spoke Dinka...the Lost Boys...If you haven't heard of them, look them up online. One student told me his story in a Narrative Essay. I was given a strong dose of "you don't know jack" from these students, from this story in particular. I will never forget it. When this boy, only 8 or so, was living with his tribe in a small village, extremist Muslims came into the town. They proceeded to bomb, pillage, chop with machetes, rape, etc. Almost his entire family was killed, except for his brother and grandmother. He ended up hiding in a swamp, riddled with mosquitos, being bitten over and over for 2 days with some people in his tribe. When they emerged, the village was virtually destroyed, but he, his grandmother, and his brother, along with other survivors, had a lavish (for them) dinner to celebrate just being alive...
We should all be aware of what we have.
THANKSGIVING is coming up, and whether you celebrate it or not, it is good to be thankful every day. This country lives in unbelievable luxury. A friend of mine made a t-shirt that cracked me up. It said: Freedom is CONvenience. The con was in red, the other letters in blue. Convenience is no longer a luxury, but people in this country think it is a NEED. So ridiculous, really. We lose so much nutrition, literally and figuratively by purchasing such "conveniences": bread, water, meat, coffee, earrings, shoes, that come ready-made, when we could take the time to cook, sew, create. I am not immune to this either, of course. I bought some earrings yesterday, and I praise myself for recycling. It's really quite sad. We can all do something.
I have no real answers because we all have our own way of helping, but being aware is important. I want to hear, feel, see, taste, and smell the blessings that are everywhere around me. They are everywhere around us. Be aware of them.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Why did I start a blogsite?

I've always wanted to name a zine this, so now I have a blog. Oh lordy, what have I done??? I was just complaining about being uncomfortable on compooters. So this is my remedy...We'll see what happens...

I guess first I'd like to say, I like to wear light blues and pinks and sage greens lately. I like to look like a little girl, with a skirt and pants underneath. The moon has always mezmerized me.
The mountains will always be my true home. I want desperately to be more like my dog, Ophelia.

Why honkycackle? Just say it aloud, and listen to the sound it makes. It's those hard K sounds that do it for me. Plus, laughter, my laughter is obnoxiously loud, makes some people homocidal, others want to laugh with me. I think it makes most happy. I love to laugh. When I teach I laugh a lot. Teaching does not need to be a serious endeavor all the time, nor does learning.

Geez, this is too strange for me. I write for meself, but now for all to see.