Monday, November 13, 2006

Why did I start a blogsite?

I've always wanted to name a zine this, so now I have a blog. Oh lordy, what have I done??? I was just complaining about being uncomfortable on compooters. So this is my remedy...We'll see what happens...

I guess first I'd like to say, I like to wear light blues and pinks and sage greens lately. I like to look like a little girl, with a skirt and pants underneath. The moon has always mezmerized me.
The mountains will always be my true home. I want desperately to be more like my dog, Ophelia.

Why honkycackle? Just say it aloud, and listen to the sound it makes. It's those hard K sounds that do it for me. Plus, laughter, my laughter is obnoxiously loud, makes some people homocidal, others want to laugh with me. I think it makes most happy. I love to laugh. When I teach I laugh a lot. Teaching does not need to be a serious endeavor all the time, nor does learning.

Geez, this is too strange for me. I write for meself, but now for all to see.


Sally said...

props for starting a real blog, holly. i think if you keep at it, you will come to enjoy blogging. i look at it as a way to keep my friends updated on my life without sending personal emails. I know that sounds sorta lazy, but I like the opportunity for my friends to interact with one another in the comments as well. You'll see. Keep doing it!


holly said...

um, yeah...honkycackle, aka crazy laughing white girl...but now I've changed to Lost Kite...still k's and l's...hmmm