Friday, December 15, 2006

my name is lung

This is a fun writing exercise that I created from a student's cut-up poem. All you do is start out with "my name is," and add a tangible object into the blank. Go from there in whatever way you'd like. Here are some of mine:

My name is lung,
and I breathe all names in the
same way, hoping for a fresh fruit
to cut open with my lips.

My name is rain,
and I soak all parts of your body
with my newness
hoping for a chance
to come open like a cloud.

My name is metal, and I
resonate with your tap
(click click).

My name is paint,
and I saturate the canvas
with my watercolor sadness,
waiting for a cue from the brush
to find my way into the day.

My name is bean,
and I sprout for you in
the shallow soil when I
should be digging deep
for myself.

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