Saturday, May 12, 2007

Devil's Den and Wolfgang Laib

I am finally finished with this semester. WOW> talk about a learning was really intense. I had 3 students who got their girlfriends pregnant, 3 girls who were pregnant, one bipolar girl, one schizophrenic guy, one guy with other depression/anxiety problems. Oh my. I had two people turn on me in very strange ways, one student and one person I work near, but not with. They, in my opinion, were redirecting their anger onto me for no apparent reason. It is now over. I'm going to Arizona, Cali, Oregon, Wash, and Vancouver, Canada in a week or so. YAY!!!!!
Okay, so, I've been "going down memory lane" as my mom just said to me.
I was remembering my first couple of years of college, when I went to MTSU. SO, I found a website from the cave where I had my first official dive, to become certified. It was called Devil's Den. The pics on the website do NOT do it justice.
Also, I was remembering going to the Smithsonian a few years ago (I think in 99 or 2000). I remember an artist whose medium was pollen and beeswax. I found his name online. It's Wolfgang Laib. WOW. Again, looking at pictures of his work is not enough. It's the sensory experience of smelling and touching the beeswax, and the different shades of BRIGHT yellow of the different pollens. WOW>

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