Friday, April 11, 2008

Being an Adjunct

I ask myself all the time is it worth if for me to teach 4,5,6 classes at a school and still barely make 1000 bucks a month at the most? This is the plight of an adjunct professor. More and more schools are using adjuncts ("part-time" instructors) all the time. This means they don't have to give us ANY benefits, and only pay us for "contact hours" which means the time we are IN the classroom. Anyone who teaches knows that is only a minute part of doing our jobs. I do feel I am a good teacher, and for the most part, really enjoy it, but as someone who has to constantly worry about bills, I most definitely do not feel it is worth the hassle, even though I am in my field, which I love. I am SO not alone in this. If you are interested in this issue, as it affects our schools GREATLY, read this article, go to the AFT website, and take ACTION!

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