Saturday, July 25, 2009

the big circle

a butterfly is hit by a car
its yellow powder
left on the windshield

day moon looms over the road
the fat circle shines

on people soon hidden
as they pass under a low bridge

and life moves forward as dead
leaves blow across the ground
piling into ditches


RachelW said...

Sad, I hate it when I see butterflies like that. Or bees, or dragonflies, or anyone whose splattered parts are still recognizable. That gut reaction made it hard for me to process the rest, the circle.

Julie said...

It's so sad, but it's an awesome poem. The first two stanzas pull me in immediately. Very powerful. You evoked a visceral response in me, Holly. It's even more powerful that you use a yellow butterfly instead of a moth, because butterflies tend to be symbols of beauty.

As always, it points back to my life (or all life in general). Sometimes I think I'm just another yellow splat. Or maybe I'm just a moth...ha! ha! But I love this poem.

holly said...

Thanks for reading, Rachel and Julie!

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is very affecting, nicely concise in the writing too

Sara said...

I really enjoyed this Holly. =)

My mind fell silent by the end and I read it again for deeper connection. It's been a long time since something has made my mind slow down like this. Lovely.


holly said...

Thank you Sara. That was exactly what I was feeling when I wrote it.