Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Christine,

our secret ingredient

we see stars in the landscape
granite in the corners of our eyes
mica sparkles in our pores

we laugh over mountains
giggle with rivers
chuckle through valleys

time stands under a
peach tree, blossoming,
petals floating, waiting

we grow pods from our fingertips
fill our bellies with dirt and sand
water in our nostrils feels right

we keep our hands in the mixture
the dough of life


Jo said...

Stanzas three and four are mysterious, gorgeous, surreal.

Kristin Dombrowski said...

Hmmmm... like you've become a seed.

christine said...

Hi, sorry I'm so slow to get back to you.

Your poem is so delicate and lively at the same time. I can feel a strong connection to this one, because of the geography - the granite, mica, rivers, mountains, peach trees, all the best parts of home. The laughing and sparkling are great images, and I love the final couplet. Bravo, Holly!