Thursday, January 8, 2009


barefoot in the grass
I tumble light
heavy temper

left hand right humor
three-tiered trick-kite
between my ears

I am upside down
flipping painful
spirit right side up again

wander from the floating
clothed in light
slip back in

quick humor
a heavy cloud
low and dark

a graceless goddess
tone turning topsy turvy
helium light

my voice changes key
and I'm only as good
as my last mood


Julie said...

Holly, this is awesome! Dang...I can relate to the cartwheels, especially right now. Your last lines are dead on perfect. I also love

"wander from the floating
clothed in light
slip back in"

I love your rhythm and what you're doing with the lines throughout the entire piece.

I hope you had a great visit with your family. Your Christmas letter is excellent. I should write one of those for next year:) Beautiful work, sis.

holly said...

thanks Julie...I have been a little emotional lately too...hehe
I'm thinking about you...
the honest Christmas letter may become a yearly thing! I should do an anthology of them...get people to send them in

christine said...

What a whimsical poem. Up and down, all around, I here you. Your poem is one I could eat and make my own. I feel it.

holly said...

Thank you Christine...

Noah the Great said...

I just read the last few months of work I've been neglecting from other life occurrences.

Excellent work. I hope your manuscript turns out wonderful; you have a lot of really good work, so I couldn't see otherwise.

holly said...

Good to see you back, Noah. I am stopping by right now!

Anonymous said...

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