Monday, January 12, 2009

wedding poem for some friends

I am going through poems to put together a manuscript. I did this a couple of years ago, but was not satisfied with the poems. Since then, actually this past year, I have written a LOT. Thank you to my supporters (fellow bloggers) during this prolific writing year! Because of this, I am more satisfied with the group of poems I have together. Hopefully I will successfully get a cohesive manuscript together in the next few months!

This is something I wrote for my friends' wedding a few years ago. It's one I might use in my manuscript.

Sacred Mary
has you in her wings.

and when I see you both,
I see the color of watermelon
chili and petal.

You steep your roots for tea.

Candles are lit along the edges
of your streets,
for the mother you know.

She follows you into the corners
of the sky, and yellow fields
are lit with her soul.

Seeds form your pictures,
make your words; teachers
you open your hands to
language, learning.

There is grace in your love.

Paper skeletons surround
your heads in a dance,
ready to be blown into the wind,
like bubbles.

There is an elegant fruit that
weeps from our mouths for you.
It is admiration,
the water of protection
that drops from Mary’s eyes.

I pray for you in this place
of laughter, the ground of our sky.

Flags wave during life and death.

There is a fragrant vision of a
young woman and man,
balanced like rocks
with sacred persistence.

As your loved ones,
we give you beans to arrange
or mix or cook, or build.

You are rising like bread.


christine said...

Gorgeous poem, Holly. What a wonderful gift for your friends. It definitely deserves to go in the manuscript. Congratulations on your season of prolific writing, too.

This Mary seems to be a Mexican or Latin American Madonna, especially with the description of her tears.

holly said...

That was the idea, friend is from southern Texas, and very into the Latin culture...

Julie said...

Beautiful, Holly. Your friend is very fortunate. This is a beautiful gift. And I'll be the first in line to buy your book!!

holly said...

Thank you are very kind...I feel honored that a poet such as you even reads my work!

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