Saturday, June 20, 2009

hey you

I remember you with Jim Beam
in hand,
ready to pop my cherry
just like I wanted.

Blue eyes, dark brown hair
sculpted features
you talked about nothing
while we drank from the bottle.

Upstairs, we "did it"
on my futon; don't remember
what I said, maybe "I love you."
It's possible.

I do remember you said
"I don't love you" as you
literally ran down the stairs,
out to your station wagon.

At 18, I thought it was love;
I never heard from you again,
and here you are:
(the internet's a scary place

Chiropractor practice with your
wife, losing your hair,
same eyes.
Can't help but wonder
if you even remember.


RachelW said...

Oh, ugh. You do touch on these bits of reality so very well.

Nick (CFKS) said...

This one is a real dose. It stirred me up a little. Love it.

Julie said...

Yes, you really do show reality so well. I love that ending. Powerful poem, Holly.

Misty said...

Powerful write good one on the past this is how past love is and the guy you went for looks totally dif now. I remember my first love it's sad cause he passed away in 2002

holly said...

I'm sorry to hear that Misty...

floreta said...

wow, great piece.. love the flow and sense of rejection. i recently wrote a poem about that. :)

christine said...

Great poem, Holly. Excellent narrative, and a tone of honesty, intimate.

sddjohnson said...

powerful and dark with so much honestly and truth.... just getting back to my site and finally reading yours!! AWESOME!

holly said...

Wow. This is one of those I wonder how I left it sitting here. It's quite embarrassing actually.
Thank you all for reading and being so kind.