Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm not that screwed up

caught up in crap
and particles and

I unfurl unleash unbutton
unzip undo

miscellaneous vices
(love sex too much,
don't want to be ignored)
keep me tied, fettered
to the floor

there are factory parts,
(my toes and my elbows
get in the way)
and it's hard to get
out of so much packaging

but it's too bad the sky
won't open up
and swallow you


Gerry Boyd said...

"I unfurl unleash unbutton
unzip undo"

Lovely music in that line.

Misty said...

wow it's too bad the sky won't open up and swallow you! neat words

floreta said...

love the part about how hard it is to get out of packaging. brilliant

Julie said...

I must be losing my mind. I know I read this one, but I didn't comment. Maybe I told the voices in my head...ha! ha!

Anyway, I agree with Gerry and floreta. It is brilliant. The ending is perfect, too. It makes me want to kick the "you" in the poem, even though I don't know who the "you" is. I love it when words move me that way. Very powerful.

Julie said...

And Misty. I meant to say I agree with everyone. See? I'm losing it. But it's a wonderful poem.