Wednesday, September 9, 2009

on being serious

Cram all the fear
into one big cardboard box
about the size of a fridge.

Stand on it soapbox style.

Scream until your lungs
fall apart, your lips crack,
your nose runs, eyes water.

Form these words with your fingers:
little little little me.

Take a piece of dental floss, and
tie it around your heart.

When the time comes for death,
(you've squeezed your heart too hard)
you can post on your facebook:
"Oh yeah, most of that didn't even matter."

After you die,
Spraypaint the box with the letters

Maybe then you'll be able to laugh at yourself.


Kay said...


Julie said...

I always love your poems, Holly. This one is no exception. The cardboard box is awesome. My cardboard box would probably need duct tape to keep the sides from splitting...Lol!

I also love that pivotal line, "Oh yeah, most of that didn't even matter." I read somewhere that most of our worries never happen. Your line reminds me of that. The ending rocks, too. I'll remember this one when I start taking myself too seriously.

holly said...

Thanks for reading Kay.
Julie, I appreciate that. I have an understanding of taking myself too seriously...I guess we all do. I've had a lot of lessons lately that have helped me to see that.

RachelW said...

Such an uncomfortable feeling! It must have been the dental floss... hehe

christine said...

I love the image of someone standing on the box of fear, with fingers signing those little words. Wonderful whimsy.

If anything will make me not take myself too seriously, it will be facebook. Sheesh.

Kristin Dombrowski said...

"Take a piece of dental floss, and
tie it around your heart."

That's a great line, Holly. It stirs up plenty of images and has all sorts of bizarre implications.

On a side note--just saw your profile pic and you've got tattoos! Wow! What's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

holly! i just got my e-mail up again (and no more dial-up). been meaning to get to this spot and just found it. i like first poem best. i love it really and i laughed. took me forever to figure out where the thing was to press to send you a message. confounded newfangled computaters! is what i'm writing is posted for everyone to see? i would rather talk to you just you, esp if i sound like an idiot. can you e-mail me your e-mail again? don't know where anything is after my move (will tell you about it too later) but i am happy. finally have a home again. love you very much. -yr speshul ladyfrend beccapotamus rex

holly said...

Beccapotamus Rex! I love you lady. Yes, everyone can see the comments. Sorry. Also, I don't put my best stuff on here, so sorry if there is some crap. I'm trying to prepare the other stuff for my manuscript.