Sunday, October 11, 2009

to Rufus

When I listen to you
I taste it--hard,
like dessert on the sidewalk:

bananas foster,
homemade pancakes,
tortilla recipe on tattered paper
in the new grass.

There's your lips,
and your face is soft
like a violin song.

When the dandelion grows
easily through the cracks,

it's a sweet reminder
that there are some things
we can never leave behind.


jack sender said...

i smiled with you, holly.

holly said...

Thanks so much, Jack. I did quite enjoy writing this!

Gio said...

Hi Holly,
did you know that dandelions are bitter :P
Yea don't know if you have ever eaten them before (the leaves). They are one of those eatable wild greens that are really good for you!
I'm thinking about yanking some from my front yard and making a green smoothie..... if you are tempted to do the same, make sure that they have not been peed on by Ofelia "(~.^)"

holly said...

Gio, I did know that about dandelions, and it's funny because I've thought about that recently too, but not to make a smoothie, but cook some of the greens in some olive oil and garlic, or put them in a salad. They apparently have lots of vitamin A and potassium! I've done a little research on them, and the history of their name is also really cool!
...and probably all the plants in my yard have been peed on :))

Ayesha said...

I like the poem, Holly, but the last line really didn't fit! The repetition of the 'sidewalk' seemed so forced, as if you'd been agonizing over how to end it for an hour and threw it in at the last moment! I think the poem deserves better :)

holly said...

Funny Ayesha, the last line was the title, but I didn't want to repeat the title at the end, so that is how it ended up there. I didn't even mean to repeat sidewalk. I agree with you that it sounds forced. I'll work on it!

Julie said...

I like the contrast of the dandelion with the tastes in stanza two. I love that stanza. It's also making me hungry...ha!

Your comment above has an awesome line for a poem..."probably all the plants in my yard have been peed on."

It's always a treat to read your words, Holly.

holly said...

Julie, It's always a treat to have you comment on my work. Thanks so much for reading.