Friday, October 16, 2009

while the cookies bake

when the floor isn't hard anymore,
and when it's difficult to get up
you dance in between my legs

I tell you I don't need any lessons
on how to do these things
I know which toes to paint

and how to hold your head up
just like your mommy did
when you were a little baby

the fan in the window hums
we stomp to the music
then lie on our backs

on the cold hard floor
which isn't cold or hard anymore
and you tell me you won't

eat raw cookie dough
cause you might get salmonella
and I tell you

that's the risk we take sometimes
to enjoy this life
and you drink another glass

and have already forgotten what I said


jack sender said...

you are rocketing skyward.
most enjoyable.

i think it's great to have this laid out plain, yet i still have questions and am not one hundred per cent sure of everything.

holly said...

ha! yeah...I'm doing okay...

As far as the "salmonella," it'll be back, but I've never been afraid of it, not to the point I wouldn't "eat raw cookie dough"...I have a lot of questions about whether or not that makes me an idiot, but I don't really care so much if I's not about instant gratification necessarily, but people are too afraid to even try these days.

RachelW said...

Neat stuff. There's quite a journey in that, in just a few words.

Julie said...

I love how your last lines always give me a twist in another direction. Just when I think I have the poem summed up in my mind, you give me that extra thought. As a reader, I love that.

As always, the voice rocks. Stanza two is also great..."I know which toes to paint." You're right. Some people are too scared to let go and live.

christine said...

Wow, Holly. So many moments when I was say "yes!" I love the part about lying on the floor, the dancing, eating the raw dough. Well, the whole shebang!

PS Who doesn't eat raw cookie dough? Now, there are a lot of things I won't eat, but I think the use of the cookie dough here works amazingly well.