Wednesday, August 4, 2010

in the air of waiting

it is the time for waiting

i have your clothes in the closet
shirts on the top bar
pants on bottom

your socks in the drawer
all white

i cry and listen
to the TV in the other room

as you grind your teeth
and listen to the other men
smacking their lips in sleep

it is the time for waiting

i have her clothes in the closet
0-3 months hanging

others in a box under my bed
her blankets and bibs

the cradle is ready
casters attached

i pet the cat
listening to the song of the
air conditioner

as she floats
takes her time

it is not my time to do
and that's what it means to wait

it's only prayer time

and prayer doesn't get lost
in air that's alive


Kay said...

a captured moment, versed so well.

p.s. i hate waiting.

jack sender said...

this is the good wait.