Sunday, June 1, 2008

17 years later...

What??? Anna, a friend from High School, that I haven't seen SINCE then, just left my house...nutty!

We went out last night and had Pinot Noir, crashed a wedding reception (took a pic of ourselves with one of the disposable cameras on the table!), talked to lots of strangers...remembered the Divinyls song "I Touch Myself." (There's a history in that one.)

She and I are quite alike, and after so many years, our paths have collided once again, which makes sense, considering our "peeps" that we keep. hehe.

Our ways of communicating are SO similar, like a boxing match, interrupting with a right cross, or a left hook, and staying in rhythm the whole time. We both laughed a LOT, and what is better than laughter...can you think of anything? Sex, okay, but laughing during sex, now...yo...

Anyway, back to Anna...we discussed our dress and hat collections and coffee addictions and took some wonderful pics...these will be for my myspace, until I get a flickr or decide to put them on here...(note to self, figure out how to do that...)

So, full circle in some strange way, with coffee and wine in our bellies, and big hugs when parting (but not for 17 years this time!)

I'm so gonna visit her in Venice, CA...freakshow central!

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