Monday, June 2, 2008

new job, new clients, new stress

Now I don't want to go around being pissy all the time, or really even some of the time, but GOD it's hard to start a new job, esp one that on my first day I worked 8 hrs with no break...that's gotta be anyway, then I was told after 8 hours of quite tough work (it is a really busy restaurant), that I could have asked for food, or just gotten some...but I never had the time. Now I know, I have friends that work 15 hour days, but I would LOSE MY MIND. Not because of the physical stamina, but the mental stamina. I am not WEAK mentally, but very conscientious about the job I do, whether it's working at a restaurant or teaching or writing...I want it to be done right, and we live in the most fast-paced world, and I don't like it. I hate to be rushed. And I must live with it. I know this. However, I can't wait for the day, and I thought that it had to be by now, that I will no longer have to work in a restaurant..(since I have a Master's Deg, and 5 years' experience teaching I didn't think I would, but I still do). SO, I am even rushed in covering curriculum in teaching, but that is more about organization than anything. And I'll be the first to admit, it has taken a LONG time to learn how to be organized, and I still basically suck at it. BUT, here I am, and at least I have work my 3rd week in the area.
I also have at least 2 tutoring clients coming to me, one starting next week. This is good too. Something I can take my time doing. I want to do it well. I want to have peace. So if you are someone who prays, in whatever form, please pray for me to have peace through all of this newness, because as exciting as it is, it is still stressful.

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