Thursday, June 26, 2008

a little scorpion, and f**k the chicken salad!!!

I'm sorry, but I really don't care how small a scorpion is, it's still a scorpion. I had no idea they/we have them in Georgia. Well, I found one this morning under a small pile of clothes--a Freakin SCORPION! It was downright harrowing!...I called my landlord, my mom, my sister, and told everyone at work. Apparently, they are very common here. UGH> So anyway, I seemed like a little ninny whiney scaredy cat to the local folks. I work with a girl who cut her hand, almost to the bone...10 stitches, and after a visit to a doc-in-the-box, she went back to work! I live on another planet from, sometimes, especially right now, it feels like EVERYONE. Today, when extremely busy at work, I forgot like 5 times that we didn't have Chicken least 5 times! I'm hard enough on myself, but to these people who have done restaurant work their whole lives, I must really suck to them. I am always getting corrected, or laughed at. I feel like I'm kicking ass, and then my blood-sugar gets low, and with no break in a nice little 4 hour rush, and really none the whole day...I don't sit down, and if I eat it's in between working...I forget shit. I get flustered, and I already don't want to be doing this for a living...not that I could even if I wanted to! SO, all I can say is UGH> And they thought it was hilarious that I forgot about the chicken salad so many times...FUCK the chicken salad. I don't give a rat's ass about chicken salad (though it is good)...I want to be TEACHING, Writing, living in academia land, where I am using my brain in ways that are WORTH it...Fuck the Chicken Salad!
I sound like a little bitch I guess, but can be truly frustrating I'm finding me a shrink...

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