Monday, November 3, 2008

To All the Stealers of Hearts

Here you go, take it.
This heart is for you.
It's cool. I don't use it anymore.
I grow new ones all the time.
It's too bad you don't.
You could probably use this one anyway.
Try not to lose it.

(in response to a ReadWritePoem prompt)


Scot said...

who hasn't felt this--cool title

Crafty Green Poet said...

Yes, I recognise this, all too well...

Julie said...

Oh yes. Ditto for me, too. A cool title and scenario we can all relate to.

Nathan said...

I like this. It goes right to the point. Well done.

christine said...

I wish I could grow new hearts. I use mine too much, it's getting sort of limp and overinflated.

A sweet poem.

Thanks for the prompt on RWP, you did a great job.

And I found out you live near me! I live in Marietta. We should go to a reading together sometime. There's one in Decatur this Saturday. I'll send you the email.