Sunday, May 3, 2009

lesson for a day:

one more time, step
forward, walk

nothing takes as long as waiting

and the clock at the end of the
sidewalk is smashed

gears scattered
hands out of place
face cracked

so she can't tell time

clouds are in her hair
the sun hides above her

she drinks the stagnant fog


Kay said...


christine said...

Hey, your poems are worth the wait, Holly. Stunning imagery, like a painting, but more so.

Misty Lackey said...

holly send me an e-mail and let me know how you are doing... here's a poem I wrote- I hope you don't mind me posting it on your blog

Poem: Vanished

Vanished blue by the storm
Primary color to being warm
Between young embrace wild
as a restless soul
Light to darkness resting as
we grow old

The sky a memory for all of us
Somewhere angel wings clipped
the moon
Colored bleak stars
Oaths a joke for the fog
Exhausted speechless in front of
our day
Thrown on our knees beginning
to pray

Hue a rose blooms green dew
Rains from heaven lightning
ushers the trees
Indecent wings angel's

Scurry balance
Wound rememberance
Memories tumble
to an endless day.

Gerry Boyd said...

"nothing takes as long as waiting" - so true. This poem is a nice crisp set of words.