Wednesday, May 20, 2009


kick to the chest
blah blah written in
stone on his grave

they buried him in a
sleeping bag
stuck him in the dirt

when he was alive
he drank warm whiskey-
a shot before every

bars on his breath
wild women gathered
around his handsome lips

he cracked open
hearts all over the place
till finally

he pissed off the wrong barmaid


Kay said...

haha...very entertaining!

RachelW said...

And good riddance! Ha!

jack sender said...

well, you surprised me with that entertaining piece, and it kept my attention. good work.

Ayesha said...


You've gotta love that one :D

christine said...

Great poem Holly. A good example of how we reap what we sow. Scary piece. Reminds me of a David Lynch movie.

Misty said...

bang outstanding ending!

Julie said...

Awesome work, Holly. Freaking awesome to the nth degree!! I love the story and the voice. The ending is perfect. The use of language is great. I love it!!