Monday, May 18, 2009


winds turn the leaves
to their underbellies

and my mother's yard
is green
this time of year

with hints of lavender
rosemary yesterday's rain

flip squirrel
leftover seeds

of her thoughts hanging upside
down from trees
feet gripping


Julie said...

Hey, Holly!! I'm so glad to see you, woman! I didn't know you were posting again. I'm happy that you are.

This poem is excellent. I love the underbellies of the leaves, because "underbelly" makes me think of the soft side...the vulnerable side that gets exposed. That goes so well with the hanging upside down in the end.

How are you doing? It's great to see that no matter how busy you are, you're still writing poems. Please keep in touch when you can:)

Vikas said...

Nice Poetry! Nice Blog!

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

This spring we see not the underbellies of the leaves but the buds in conflict. Wind and cold and rain. When will the sun shine.

Anonymous said...

wonderful holly!