Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Life,

are you trying to scare
cause it's not working

your long sharp claws can
slice and pluck

all my eyes are ready

you don't have a chance next to
my family of trees,
roots and branches stronger
than your brittle lies

dying dying dying
I have the arms of
a mother gorilla

to embrace all death

cause there is laughter
in the afterlife

and I choose to
learn from the dead
how to dance

(love, Holly)


Scot said...

good poem holly--excellent close

Cynthia said...

strong poem, from a strong woman.

holly said...

thank you was inspired by a book I'm teaching...Steppenwolf

Nathan said...

There's so much that's great here. I love the lines about arms and the end is spectacular.

Julie said...

Very strong, Holly! I love learning how to dance from the dead. Such a powerful ending.