Monday, October 13, 2008

"What does an alien feel like?"

dad asked this after
I told him I felt like one

they (all the not-me's)
are wearing faces and bleeding

under their noses, red and yellow
sunshine pokes from behind their

clouds on a TV not far from
their faces, eyes dried and frozen

they saw pieces of wood from a half
broken home to make a new one
(makes bedtime easier)

but the not-me's are facing ground
constantly walking deeper into dirt

cutting the limbs they stand on
putting together puzzles on the linoleum
(forcing pieces that don't match)

I want to tell them to look up


Jo said...

scary but good.......hope you're holding up under all the work!

Scot said...

not one to analyze :)

Cynthia said...

constantly walking deeper into
dirt, cutting limbs they stand
on, very deep indeed, holly.

holly said...

Thank you so much Jo! I am needing to come here to "get away"!

Scot, funny...yeah...I, on the other hand, analyze too much!

Cynthia, I'm sure sometimes I'm the not-me's walking deeper and cutting limbs...thank you!