Wednesday, October 15, 2008

drunk tank

a sound that's
hard to ignore

now you're tight in the concrete
screwed in

demolish the glass,
cask, and barrel
smash the flask
jug, and bucket

scaffolding's not permanent
only a maze of metal and wood
volatile steps

the world glares at you
you picked the loudest tool

scream from the driver's seat
forget that there is a world but

hope it won't forget you

fuck you

the world stares you down
and you flee


Scot said...

the hard edge of this makes it good

Nathan said...

The conflict here is great. The way to temper it with "and hope it won't forget you" is wonderful.

Julie said...

Such excellent and powerful work, Holly! I agree with both Scot and Nathan. I love the hard edge of this. It's like the stomping of a foot (or a jackhammer, of course). That third stanza has some excellent sound going on, too. And the scaffolding not permanent is AWESOME. Now I have a new favorite Holly poem. I'm so glad to see you're still posting.

holly said...

thank you all...what kind comments