Monday, October 20, 2008

the truth

it's not written where you
can read it, so stop looking

it's hidden under piles of eggs
a nest no one can find

it's not the appearance of saints
locked in half-witted minds

it's not halos robes angelic
faces without flaws

you can't rescue it from the sand
it's the oil-covered

creatures in distress
laughing at your kindness

it's a lunular anomaly showing
signs of congestive heart failure

it's a place that has feet and hands
paws and claws, canines for biting

it's more unearthly than dreams
that take flight when you wake

it's the white head of a
Mississippi Kite lost in Louisiana


Rethabile said...

This reads very nice. I like the sound of it. I wonder if, due to a cultural 'misknowledge', I'm not missing something in the last stanza.


holly said...

a Mississippi Kite is a kind of hawk

holly said...

that has a white head...
not sure if that helps but I wanted a dual meaning there anyway, not necessarily just an image of a hawk but of a lost kite also
doesn't come across, eh?

Rethabile said...

Oh, it sure does, thanks for the extra info.

Julie said...

Another winner here. I love the rhythm you have going on, especially with "it's's not." Then you tell us what the truth is. Yes, the kite works so well. I like your new blog name, too. This poem rocks, sister.

Scot said...

the double meaning works well--like this

holly said...

thank you all...glad you are still checking me you!

Nathan said...

This is a great one. That line "It's a lunar anomaly..." is wonderful. It's really surprising.

holly said...

thanks actually is "lunular"...referring to the moons of our fingernails, which are called "lunula" It was something I looked up and thought was really neato! Apparently, if your lunula disappears completely, it can be the sign of certain health problems.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is beautiful and haunting and mysterious

Jo said...


Cynthia said...

The truth more unearthly than
dreams, Wow - so True.
Love the name change.

holly said...

thanks so much Cynthia, Jo, and know I always appreciate your reading~!