Thursday, October 9, 2008

she has layers

lives in a molten place
heartburn infests
her innards

her skin is new and
bright like white-slate

doorways open

scars on her fingers
swell, reek red

face ruddy, black-pored

snakes spiral
up her legs sexy
she steps
into the night

breasts droop
stretch like balloon

she scratches with
remnants of fingernails

is taut
is tired
her eyes dance

she feels the veins
on her neck
caresses them
with nimble fingers

puts the fire out with her
embraces what's

(I guess this blog has become just as much of a need as my have-to's)


Jo said...

I like this very much Holly....well done.

holly said...

thank you's more inspiration from Herman Hesse...what a writer!

Cynthia said...

excellent holly, the visual creeps up on being surreal, yet I can cleary see this mishappen woman.

Scot said...

glad the need is there

Julie said...

I like this one, too. And a great concept...layers. So many good lines here. I agree with Cynthia about the surreal, and yes...she can be visualized quite well. I'm also glad you're here when you can be:)