Thursday, September 4, 2008

American Sentences-my first try...

A praying mantis crooks his arms, a tiny rosary in his claws.

The fan keeps time with the fridge, and I can't help but snooze.

I watch the lamps, myself, the dog, reflections in my broken TV.

Poofs of dog hair blow on the wooden floor, but I don't feel like sweeping.

A basket labeled "Misc." holds paper pictures...almost obsolete.

Whistle a little ditty while you drive me to the airport.

Hoschton, GA made the Guinness Record for the most scarecrows this year.

A boy ten years my junior tells me Footloose is "gay"--arrgh!

When I hang upside down, the world seems right side up.


Scot said...

Ginsberg is clapping/me too.

Nathan said...

Excellent! The last one's my favorite but I really like them all.

holly said...

Thanks guys! Good to "see" you Scot! Long time! You've been missed!

Jo said...

Yes the first and last grab me. Really well done. They're a lot trickier than they look, aren't they?

Misty said...

a cute write love these lines holly-

When I hang upside down, the world seems right side up.

I am curious what is the poems you write called? I think mine is abstract poetry..

Dana said...

I love this form because of the way it forces the writer to hone in on detail. You've pulled these off beautifully.

holly said...

Thanks for visiting Dana!