Sunday, September 21, 2008


My body becomes heavier and heavier
after the 6th nap of the weekend.

My organs push into one another
eyeballs into skull
tongue dead in my mouth.

My intestines heavy rope
sink into the ground of my
mercurial stomach.

I have dirty dishes and unfolded
laundry making my head so
my weak neck won't hold it up.


Julie said...

I just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap, so I can REALLY relate to this one! Your work always manages to capture my life, or anyone's life. What it means to be human. I love that.

My favorite lines are "organs push into one another/eyeballs into skull/tongue dead in mouth. Tongue dead in mouth is perfect! Awesome line!! Wonderful poem.

paisley said...

its the weekend.. its your weekend.. if you choose to sleep it away,, the laundry will just have to understand......

holly said...

Julie...I guess my writing is my life right now...write now...hehe.

Jodi, true, laundry doesn't give a rat's ass if I fold it or not...why should I? (well, maybe so I can find my damn clothes?-oh well!)

Scot said...


Nathan said...

I know how this feels Holly (without the naps). You've really captured this state of being.