Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cento from the good ole poetry collaborative

I talk about them like I've always contributed to their site, :) which is here:

This is a cento, based off of some American Sentences from the above site. They have some wonderful, fabulous, amazing contributors to their site! CK it out, yo.

Sunburnt bliss

a swift fall from the center of the
tallest sunflower
how many ways can my body go wrong
—extract my bones to find out

light is different today, eyes
squint at a sun split
and spilt like fruit

a single noose of unopened morning
glories calls to the mother
behind the dying daisies a survivor
of childbirth picks weeds

cruel fall steals light
from the sunflower, goads hungry birds
to peck its face

midges cloud my head like
thoughts, my hand swats,
sending them spinning away

When I wake up, I will either be myself or someone different.


Jo said...

This works so well. It reads beautifully. Well done, Holly.

Julie said...

Alright! I was hoping you'd have it up. This is wonderful. I love what you have done with the sentences. Your own unique voice shines through.