Friday, September 19, 2008


Grace eludes us, often hiding
behind the chair of resentment
or under the bed of frets.

She's plain as day, fluttering
wings of light, but plain as day
sometimes seems too bright.

And by the time we realize
we're just ignoring her
she has already given us
her wings.

Thank you, as always, Easystreet, for the inspiration.


paisley said...

oh that was a flight,, and not nearly so much of fancy as it was of truth... well done...

holly said...

thank you are fantastic...really

Jo said...

Another very well done piece. You're on a roll, Holly. Hey, two different ways of prouncing oll.....roll/Holly.....sorry, just me being bonkers *grin*.

holly said...

people who are bonkers are the only kind I like...I just have to associate with those "sane" people every once in a fun...:)