Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I look at my tummy in the mirror
push it out - suck it in

it's not concave like
the corners of
that thin like wings
fragile girl

my belly is convex but


full of possibility
ripe watermelon
outie belly button
I want to be
heavy with child
knocked up Nelly
fertile Myrtle

I feel empty
and I cry
I'm only full
of pizza


Julie said...

This is beautiful, and the desire is portrayed perfectly. Are you sending it out? I'm sure there's a place out there with a call for this theme, as so many women say the same thing. But you say it in a way that hits straight to the heart.

I love the belly full of pizza. It's usually a phrase that would be associated with "fun" or a party (at least in my world), so I love that unexpected twist. It really kicks me in the gut. I always say the same damn thing, but here it is for the umpteenth time...beautiful work, Holly!

holly said...

Thank you Julie! This one is so personal, I was wondering if it came across as sort of funny and sort of sad, definitely self-conscious. That was the idea anyway.

Julie said...

Yes, I think you hit the mark. It is sort of funny and sort of sad. Again, I love the pizza, which gives it that "fun" kind of feel but at the same time, that last line makes me really feel the narrator's sadness and desire.

Shoot, a lot of poetry is self conscious, so I wouldn't worry about that. I think many people will relate to this. Very powerful.