Monday, September 22, 2008

the nature of the mind and body

the majesty of a forest floor hovers
in the brain, thick with vines and fever
bursting from

poison ivy, curling leaves emerge
from the dark breast of loam, while

hallucinations of squirrels and sparrows
push through the unconscious,

scampering, flitting, floating
in the wind of uncertainty

pantomime the words of nature
in an unending song of flailing arms
finger-puppet plays, and toe-sock dances

thrust the body into the motion of a river
splashing foolishly for meaning

moist limbs move slowly
forgetting that they ever fought
for air

This is from the readwritepoem (link to the right) "word fishing" prompt.
It turned out kinda weird, but fun!
Thanks guys!


Julie said...

Holly, you are so cool. I love the hallucination. The imagination. The playfulness of the language. The vines. This makes me think of Alice In Wonderland. I mean that as a huge compliment, because you know how much I love children's lit., especially the wildly imaginative. Everything about these words takes me to a place I like being. I raise my glass to you.

Scot said...

like the finger puppet/toe sock dances...

holly said...

Thanks Scot and Julie, my two best you guys!

Yeah, I want to do finger puppet plays and toe sock dances! Don't you???