Monday, September 1, 2008

"door number three, open"

crisis center
a girl pukes after a meal
"bathroom number three, closed"

"door number two, open"
we rinse hands in dirty

I dream a green tornado tries to eat my

"door number five, closed"

same dream- I fall off a cliff over
and over, surprised at the huge hand
catching me

anti-tornado tablet
anti-falling pill

"door number four, open"

we paint water
colors on pads of thick paper,
can only watch PG movies (we laugh)

"door number eight, closed"
watch people go through dt's-
paranoia locked in a bathroom
with him (and those sounds)

pace the hallway, green
carpet, locked doors

"bathroom number six, open"
announced loudly
every time we leave a room,
enter one,
take a piss, a shower

meds twice daily

unfortunately, fluorescents just aren't the same kind of light


Misty said...

Nice write this is a poem when you read it you see images and you wonder what you are going to find behind each door rather good or bad this is the way life is it is a door and each door has a path to go through. I also like this line-

unfortunately, fluorescents just aren't the same kind of light

holly said...

thanks Misty!

Jo said...

Another fantastic poem.....and the last line is wonderful. They aren't, are they?

Nathan said...

I like this a lot. Wonderfully detailed.

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