Thursday, August 21, 2008

Almond Butter Breyers

sweet, swollen-swallow

if you had a left tonsil
the size of two hells

it's about all you'd be
able to eat too

sticky keyboard

even ice cream is
I'm too tired for a bowl

forget swallowing pills
shape: OBLONG

they forgot size: WAY too big for someone with swollen tonsils

"highly contagious"
the doctor said

well, at least I can play
sock puppet with the dog


Nathan said...

This is painful and funny at the same time -- hard to pull off and you do it well. Hope you feel better.

holly said...

thanks Nathan...the lovely broad-spectrum antibiotics are beginning to help...I can swallow now without wincing and making noises...

Jo said...

Oh no, I have a son who suffers with this. I hope you're feeling better already. Yes, it is painful and funny.

holly said...

Thanks Jo, yes, I am feeling much better now! And yes, at least it made for a weekend of writing!