Monday, August 11, 2008

in that place

(so damned hum-drum)
I eat snow that never melts
climb trees that don't rot

fall into love that never ends
(I'm still wet behind the eyes
in that place)

in that place
twenty-two gazelles
gallop in front of me
and I can keep up

in that place
I never lose my breath
from laughing

but my wildfires
get out of control
in that place

where I froth milk
eat almonds and honey
where silence is like quartz
and mica

I become clenched in that place
buried up to my earlobes in the world

and the mangoes there aren't as good
as the ones in Arizona

I used some of the words from an Easystreet prompt in this also.

1 comment:

Nathan1313 said...

"..never lose my breath from laughing" -- beautiful. This has a great tone, contemplative.