Friday, August 8, 2008

What if this poem isn't about you?

(Well, damnit, it is, but what if it wasn't?)

the thumb gets worn
with too much sucking
(replacement for a mother's tit)

and I am still a thumbsucker
when it comes to you

in my hammock i rock
myself to sleep

because you make me feel invisible
in the nakedest light
not even a shadow left

-come come now
don't be so dramatic-

maybe I would be the woman
to end all girls
(I know I am!)
if I would just leave my skin on

and quit suckling you
as though you will grow it back


Julie said...

Holly Girl!!! My comments can't keep up with your poems, which is awesome, because you are so prolific. FINALLY...somebody who shuts me up for two minutes!!

All kidding aside, this is a wonderful poem. I love all of it, especially the beginning.'s about you...but what if it isn't? Ha!

And the thumbsucking, etc. etc. It's funny...but there's also a sadness that comes through and makes it powerful. I hope you share some of these poems with your classes, too. They will definitely benefit from the experience.

Nathan1313 said...

Yeah, like Julie said there's a great mixture of elements here. It's funny, sad and confrontational all at the same time. excellent