Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cuddled up with the dirt (after Speed Levitch)

When I really think about it,
I don't know a damn thing.
Yeah, folks have said that shit before,
but I still want to re-write the world
even in its cold banality.

I'd write:
"I am an exhibitionist.
I want to expose myself to the flowers
I want to spoon with the rocks
cuddle up with the dirt
and hump the ocean's leg."

Though the earth knows I'm dumb,
it knows I'm hot too,
and the cacophony of sounds
coming from it,
(a litter of puppies whining,
a homeless man snoring,
a metal fan whirring,
a light buzzing,
tall grass blowing in wind)
makes me feel less alone.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving those comments! I love your blog - your poetry is amazing. =)

Nathan1313 said...

Great voice in this. I love the second part and that the sounds of the world are heard in this intimate way in part 3. This is a poet's poem.