Thursday, August 28, 2008

memories like dreams, ripped out pages pasted into the present


I remember a red horse that I rode
(but I don't know how to ride a horse)
galloping into the sea, riding to the bottom
an octopus enveloping us with its

flying just above the trees
(realizing I can't fly)
slowly falling, landing on my feet

I was always watching myself, never actually there

we bought milk jugs of beer

they gave me a standing ovation
when I sang my blues song acapella

someone threw pool balls from the table
into the pool, as if that's where they belonged

doctors injected adrenaline into my dad's heart
to save his life

first kiss, at 14, in a boy's locker room
all tongue and spit

I am watching, but still not sure I was there.


Misty said...

Yes this poem is full of feelings well I have been done this road when you are drunk no telling what might fall through and in the end you wonder what happened.. A very moving write. I really enjoy your mind. You have a gift for poetry and poets like you, I like to read over and over. Your poems is something like I would like to write your mind is the sun fixing to shine through every poem I am really glad greg is friends with you and that I have talked to you on here with that I can see all your gifts thank you...

holly said...

Misty, you are so kind, really. And you are talented too, without all the school like I've have it naturally...that's impressive...

Nathan said...

You get at something really important here Holly. This movement back and down into the sea in the dream and the memories kind of take the opposite movement, they intrude on the present. This is great work.

holly said...

thanks Nathan...I'm still not feeling like it's "finished" any suggestions?