Wednesday, August 13, 2008

distractions, or aaargh

maybe most people can
drag their feet on the carpet and
not feel the sparks

look at the rain but not
hear it splash against the window
or see it beading
on the hoods of cars

maybe most people can
sit on a stool and not
notice their feet dangling

drink coffee and not
feel it going down their throat

not notice that they still call it
"rolling down the windows"

maybe most people can
clear their throat
and not wonder if other people hear

cut fresh celery and not notice
its wet snap

or feel the ludludlud
of their heart
most of the time

maybe most people
don't forget to breathe

1 comment:

Julie said...

Again, this is awesome. I love how your poetry has two levels--the lighthearted and often funny tone, but then there's the sadness and "deep" theme that goes with it.

As for form, this is fantastic. The rhythm of those stanzas is perfect. I also love the sounds and phrases like the ludludlud. So cool.

And again, I can relate to the poem. Beautiful!