Wednesday, August 6, 2008

love song for lovers who can't be in love

raking the yard of dried maple leaves
sun hiding behind the closed gates
opening, we were gone

pulling out weeds by the roots
(the worst weeds grow upside down in us)
dissatisfied with what was planted

dancing alone, together
two helicopter blades
arms barely missing one another

pushing each other on the swing
until we pinch our hands
in the chains


Nathan1313 said...

It's so wonderful how you yoke together these disparate images. This is so focused and has so much truth.

A. said...

Hiya, Holly. I like this one, too.

holly said...

thank you thank you...wouldn't know where it came from really...I have no personal experience with this sort of thing...;)

Cynthia said...

interesting the play of opposites,
the hard action: pulling, raking,
helicopter blades.