Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mama's Boy cafe

in Athens, GA
ooo-cheese grits
and the best "potato hash"
I've ever had--

eat out front at a picnic table
with your dogs
(I saw a Great Dane on his own
picnic blanket)
or on the back porch
with an umbrella over your head

southern fusion
fried green tomatoes,
coffee in big mugs

light blue and brown wallpaper
swimming on the walls

and other champagne specials
(with strawberry lemonade)
on Sunday mornings

and sweet tea in Mason jars


Nathan1313 said...

I'll take one strawberry lemonade champagne please. (No, I mean it, please!) Is this a real place? They should frame this.

holly said...

This is a real place...I ate there today...I will SO be back and I told them so...I even told them I'm gonna write on my blog about it!

Julie said...

Oh, yes...sweet tea in mason jars. Beautiful poem of place, Holly. I'd love to eat there!