Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

(after watching Top Hat)

slide, scritch sand, soar
tap, pat, stomp

movements more seamless
than the modern panty

feathers from her dress
cascade, float and fall gently
onto the dance floor
she falls like a dolly
backwards over his arm

he woos her with only his bouyant feet
and his liquid voice

she easily falls into step with him
leaping, a peek into her flying skirt
yet it's still him chasing her


Jarod K. Anderson said...

I like this. It has a great narrative flow about it. Nice work.

holly said...

Jarod, I like your style (read some of your work)...thanks for dropping by...please come back and read again.

Nathan said...

Wonderful beginning -- love the sound of it, the movement.

holly said...

ok, I'm gonna comment on my own poem:

'Holly, I think "movements more seamless/ than the modern panty" is hilarious!'

(I can be so narcissistic and nerdy!)