Monday, August 4, 2008


in the afternoon
when things begin to calcify

I sit under the ceiling fan, blinking
at the light bulbs
and my eyes harden too
(I can only stare at you for so long)

it took 3 days for me to breathe you out
wear my shirt right side up again

milk pools in the middle of the saucer
laundry aches on the floor

the cat begs to be let out
and I throw him out the door

heat and summer sun linger
like sweat on my neck
like your kiss
then they


Nathan1313 said...

"It took three days for me to breathe you out" -- this is a wonderful line, a real sense of weary release, echoed at the end. A great read.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is excellent, the heaviness of desire...

Julie said...

"When things begin to calcify" is wonderful. I can feel the stiffness of the heat, the slow, sluggish paralysis of the relationship. And ending with "disappear" is also great. You go, girl!

holly said...

thank you Nathan, as always...

Green Poet, yes, the heaviness of desire, yes

Julie, I'm trying to go! Hehe...

Jo said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks for stopping by, especially because I got to come here and read this.....that line 'it took three days for me to breathe you out' is wonderful, and I like the rest too. I think I've seen you at Nathan's, right? Anyways, hi *grin*.

holly said...

Hi Jo! Thanks for stopping by...come back, and I'll be cking out more of your stuff as well!

Cynthia said...

Oh yeah, been there.