Saturday, August 23, 2008


is heavy on the trees
peaches touch the ground
curving branches

plums gather in purple masses
on the ground bleeding
a rotten crop

she takes towels to bed
to keep blood from getting
on the sheets

but when something is that ripe
that heavy
it will bleed through

and as much as she'd like to forget him
there are stains now


Jo said...

LOVE this. really does bleed. Great one.

holly said...

Thanks so much for reading Jo. You are always a good reader. I feel honored that you enjoy my work, as I respect yours so much.

Julie said...

OHMYGOSH, Holly! You've got to submit this one! Simply excellent. I love the "rotten crop." Again, you have such lovely sounds going on. Very nice, tight verses, too. And I love how you take it from fruit to human. This is another one of my "new favorites" of yours.