Sunday, July 27, 2008

and God said,

you should have followed
the dusty sunlight
through the stained glass

looked for dangling legs
followed the razor-winged

whose legs floated far above
your own

you could have caught
them with your tongue

but you chose to rest
when the color of the sky
could have been orange

you were too busy hiding in the clouds
so you couldn't see it

you would have been a good person
if not for the furnace
(something you thought was love)
that burned your face

(then I realized
I was the ventriloquist)

from a couple of old easystreet prompts...


Nathan1313 said...

"the furnace that..burned your face" beautiful, this whole thing is beautiful.

holly said...

Thanks Nathan; I wasn't sure about the last line...does it come through? I guess you're saying it does...

Julie said...

Yes, I agree with Nathan. Beautiful. I think the last line comes through, even if it's in an interpretation different than you have. Does that make sense? I mean it comes through for me. Lovely poem.

Scot said...

yep it works--my favorite of yours so far

holly said...

Thanks Scot!