Friday, July 25, 2008

With numb lips

I lie under a tree
counting its knots
wanting to climb it

but knowing if I do
will win.

I had a double chocolate stout
float with vanilla ice cream
(a beer float is not such a great idea)
two glasses of red wine
and a vodka cranberry.

side note: I had "lay" in the first I don't do well with the lay/lie thing, and drunken poetry lends itself to bad spelling and grammar. (no excuses, just an excuse, eh?) I still have to look it up sometimes when editing students' papers. Oh,'s part of being human I guess! hehe! and I didn't even realize until 2 days later...jolly jolly good stuff...I do love mistakes...they are!


Nathan1313 said...

The list you end with is making me a little woozy. But a vodka cranberry sounds really good right now.

holly said...

Yes, that float was the clincher last night...ugh :)