Friday, July 18, 2008

he ain't heavy

he's my brother

and the family plays games
on the living room carpet

laughing at each other

little light in the
big world

we hold time here


Scot said...

touching piece--
really think this works well

holly said...

Really? thanks! This was a quick write, as many are on here; I'm doing a poem a day, just to be productive...I'm with my whole family (me-35, brother-33 from Denver, sister from Birmingham, AL-38, mom-62 and dad-70 from Florence, AL)'s great.
I wrote the poem while we were all playing the Wii and Guitar Hero like a bunch of little kids last night!

jack sender said...

found you on a poetry blog.
i'm doing one a days also.
check me out.
i'm a pisces also
and a year older than your mother.
best wishes from Ohio.