Wednesday, July 30, 2008

if I could only

get the kind of roadside assistance
that SHE is getting-

she is the one who can run in heels
ride side-saddle with a skirt on

laugh at his not-even-funny jokes
and simply

and others will be in awe of
her beauty

stumble to catch her
twist an ankle on the way

and keep going
light her cigarette

while I am lugging the fucking tire
across the road

with grease smeared across my face
and my flats are hurting my feet

over-dramatized? maybe
but I have to do something

I mean, no matter how hard I try,
lipstick just will not stay
on my lips

another Easystreet prompt...danke!


Nathan1313 said...

"lugging the fucking tire" -- love the sound of this. Great tone here. I liked reading this a lot.

Nathan1313 said...

ps That's a cool picture.

holly said...

yeah...I like that pic a lot too...

Julie said...

This has become my new favorite poem of yours, Holly. I love how you start out describing the way "she" is treated like a princess, then the voice turns to the "lugging the fucking tire." Nathan is right...there's great tone there. It's funny but serious at the same time, so I like that, too. I love the voice. I would love to hear you read this!

holly said...

thanks Julie, I love to read my work, and need to seek out venues to do so...