Thursday, July 24, 2008

You told me

what you wanted to say to your mom
(10 years later, and
you still haven't spoken to her):
"Take your juju guilt trip
and stick that voodoo pen up your ass."

God, that made me laugh.

And that is important, laughing

because the lines on your face
lead to little known facts
about you.

You said you tell me things you don't tell
I know this is true.

Like that your mom told you
she prayed to God to get pregnant,
and she didn't,
so she prayed to Satan, and you
are what came out.

The laughing
most definitely
comes from the breaking.


Gary R. H. said...

Funny... at least someone answered her prayers!

BTW, you should allow comments where we just have to enter our name and url. :D I'm not sure how you do that in Blogger, though.

Scot said...

not a happy holly poem, but one that makes you feel better

Nathan1313 said...

So true. "prayed to satan" is my favorite part apart from the last two lines.

Julie said...

Wow! That satan stanza came as a powerful surprise. Great poem, Holly.

holly said...

Thanks guys...this is for a dear friend (with a hideous past) who has a great sense of humor.